The development of capacities and influence in local policies in the trust of women’s roles in local initiatives.

Implementation of the Awan organization for awareness and capacity development in coordination with the Al-Marah section in the governorate and teaching participation in our college. In the name of Farhan Shahd al-Jubouri.. representing the community in the second meeting of three meetings for groups focusing on the women’s agenda and security and peace in addition to legitimacy (standard procedures for preventing conflicts and responding to them and communicating with local communities in the southern region) with the support of the fund Women for peace and humanitarian work on the meeting hall in the organization’s headquarters…
Ten people, five women and five men, participate in the whole community, in order to establish local standard methodologies and procedures during group interviews and disputes with women and men, regarding the inclusion of the feminine perspective in all initiatives of conflict resolution and response.

The purpose of the first meeting of the organizations of the civil society, while the purpose of this meeting is representative of all of me (Commission of Human Rights, Department of Women’s Affairs in the Governorate, Department of Performance Evaluation in the Governorate, Academics in the University of Al-Qadisiya, Syndicate of Journalists, Syndicate of Workers, Psychological and Social Support Unit for Survivors of Violence, Al-Qarar Subhashka 1325, Committee of Violent Al-Trafr al-Anif in Al-Mahafazah, College of Imam Al-Kazem (peace be upon him).
Wednesday 28/2/2024..

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