college vision
Our college believes that Iraq has been, since time immemorial, and will remain an agricultural country in the first place, and because agriculture is so important, for its own sake first and for other economic sectors in the country secondly, so our college believes that there is no real opportunity for the advancement of the national economy or any of its productive or service sectors except by starting first with the development of the agricultural sector Perhaps the first and most important step in this direction is the preparation of human cadres who believe in the importance of agriculture and are qualified educationally, scientifically and practically to translate this belief into a tangible reality represented by the dissemination of non-traditional ideas and practices in agricultural production in particular and in rural life in general by bringing about desired behavioral changes in the knowledge and ideas of rural people and in Their skills, field and life practices, and their values and attitudes towards things and situations. From this clear vision, our college formulated its noble mission.