College goals
The strategic goals of the college

  • To provide the community with agricultural engineers with high experience in their fields of specialization according to modern technology in agriculture and to develop the agricultural sector in the country in both the plant and animal parts.
    Providing distinguished education to prepare scholars, thinkers and holders of higher degrees in various agricultural disciplines to participate in the progress of society.
  • Continuous development of study programs and postgraduate programs and transfer of technology in the field of college specialization through the Arabization of literature and the use of modern devices related to keeping pace with scientific and technological progress.
  • Conducting applied agricultural research to increase production, solve problems faced by farmers and farmers, and apply modern agricultural technology to what suits local agriculture, as well as training in the correct scientific management of natural resources and environmental protection.
  • Supporting and documenting cultural and scientific links with other local, Arab and international colleges through participation protocols.
  • Playing an guiding role through field visits and holding qualifying and training seminars for farmers, farmers and workers in the agricultural sector in order to achieve interdependence between the college and society and to actively contribute to agricultural development.